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Hi! Welcome to Flint's Yard.

Here at Flint's Yard, we're on a mission. To cool, sooth and repel naturally.

Horses: Our products repel midges, mites, horn flies and other small flying and crawling insects. We specialise in sweet itch and alongside our lotion and shampoo, can offer lots of advice on how to manage this debilitating condition.

Dogs: From hot spots, flea bites, wet eczema and ticks, we repel, cool and sooth.

All of our products are 100% natural and hold a licence from the Health and Safety Executive which means they have passed stringent regulations to ensure they are effective and safe to use. So, if you need something that will be gentle on the skin but keeps bugs away, take a closer look at Itching? lotion and Scratching? shampoo.

Cools, Soothes, Repels